Adamant Evar
Work in Progress No.3                                                         

Object made of metal


Much like the “Labyrinth” (Object 1) this one is also a box.

This time made of metal.
A treasure chest for “Epiphania”.
Meaning and sensation converge, some treasures are evaluated 
and salvaged, taken to safety and stored in boxes,
metal treasure box:
thesaurus for symbol and reality existing side by side in a maze,
scanning, trying to understand, understanding from a different
- progress -  staking out the place of the find, excavating
– moving through space,
a world behind the mirror.

In my work I proceed like an archaeologist:

grid square, rigging loft
Ariadne’s thread,
the multi-layered web of
micro – macrocosm,
marks –

On Finn´s as well as on Ulysses´ last pages HCE and Bloom fall
into a dreamless sleep:
“ …adamant evar   “ (unyielding ever / Adam and Eve)
and “There´s where. First”, that´s what both Annie and Molly state
in their memories.

Work in progress, ricorso,
“making spaces in my psyche”
for me.

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