Blue Book
Work in Progress No 7                                                                


Joyce´s looking back in Finnegan`s Wake on Ulysses as
“usylessly unreadable Blue Book of Eccles” is my starting point:
“funfuneral” and “artifice interno” as well as “by the coincidence
of their contraries reamalgamerge” and finally in “vicious circles”
serve as my guidelines which help me wander “abcet-minded” out
of Finnegan´s dream into Ulysses`day .
In a manner of speaking, image and word amalgamate
– “synopticked on the word” – as do the two novels, turned into
a single liffey-blue, dream-blue 18 dubble page book, a parallax
regarding “Ulysses” (18 chapters) and “Finnegan´s Wake (text).
I have arranged levels and elements in a “verbi-vocovisual”way,
there are different modifications and subdued shades.
The themes  entrenched in the subconscious are depicted in blue
thus turning into myth, metem-psychosis.  
My views and my reality unite in the blue of Ulysses’ sea, in the
metamorphosis of the “usylessly unreadable Blue Book of Eccles”.

Surely palimpsest too.

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